BLACK VELVET CIRCUS We are wild, imperfect, slow & mysterious.


As BLACK VELVET CIRCUS  we have a clear mission: to restore balance to Mother Earth, our work relationships and our daily lives.

We create authentic individual designs in small editions with fair trade wages and high quality materials, to keep textile traditions alive.

Based in Hamburg/Germany, BLACK VELVET CIRCUS is dedicated to empower women through design, proving that fashion can be a positive force.

Changing the 'fashion game' is a constant destruction of old believes and practices. We are replacing old habits with a new spirit.

It may take time, intuition and fearless business decisions to make this work. We are ready for it. Check out more on Instagram and Press


Our 5 Core Principles for an Ethical Work Environment






BLACK VELVET CIRCUS is dedicated to empower women through design.  We want to support women in their life, work and personal growth.
It is our goal that every woman finds her inner goddess and is free to live it! We encourages women to not only earn
their own money, but are free to work in their own rhythm, concentrating on personal talents and strength. We want to see every woman for who she
really is instead of trying to squeeze her in to roles not meant for her. This is a key work and design ethic of BLACK VELVET CIRCUS.



We are striving to get back in sync with nature. Out of respect to MOTHER EARTH we are using low impact and - whenever possible - eco friendly
materials to create our products. In UTOPIA we are living within the rhythm of MOTHER EARTH and instead of rushing through life. We take our time

to listen to her wisdom, which means we decide very carefully which product will be produced and which not, to avoid waist of precious resources.




We don't focus on timelines and big 'todo' lists, but on Goals & Intentions.
We are working on eye level with our employees, our producers and our customers. Our goal is to show the world that efficiency

comes from balance and not from pressure.



We believe that spreading awareness about the quality and craftsmanship behind the production of clothing plays big role in restoring balance to Mother Earth.
It's important to talk about the value of things again, rather than the prices - because the feeling for what things are worth, somehow got lost.
We believe that a high quality piece of clothing which is made with love and skilled craftsmanship lasts more than a lifetime.
Furthermore we high quality fabrics, like linen and handwoven cotton, which will become even more beautiful with age.




We believe that it’s essential to create and live in cycles, in order to achieve sustainability. We are working on long lasting products, avoiding as much

waste as possible and we are constantly thinking of new ideas to allow the product to get back into the cycle, instead of being thrown away.

For example, we are working on a way to sell BLACK VELVET CIRCUS vintage on our website. Give your clothes a new life as a VINTAGE PIECE in

another person’s wardrobe! Also we want to develop an „Evening Wear for Sharing“ option. We believe that sharing clothes is a wonderful way

to save money and to keep your wardrobe to an essential minimum.


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