17" Marine-LCD-Monitor, 1280x1024, 250 cd/m2, VGA, IP65 front, IP54 back, 0 bis 50 Grad, 9-36 VDC

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17" LCD-Monitor, für rauhe Umgebung (See), erweiterter Anti-Shock and Vibrationsschutz, speziell konzipiert für Boote/Schiffe. Getestet für Marine-Standards IACS E10, IEC60945 und ECDIS Zertifikate. Frontseitig IP65 und resistent für chemische Stoffe, Schutzglas. Hoch integrierte Elektronik und beste Komponentenauswahl garantieren Top-Qualität. Rückseite IP54, für Tisch- oder Einbau-Montage. (Ohne Stand)

Winsonic marine display is a rugged monitor, specially designed for the demanding operating conditions at sea. The displays are tested for full compliance to marine-standards IACS E10, IEC 60945, and ECDIS certificate. Winsonic marine display features with excellent brightness and contrast levels, together with wide viewing angles, ensure a good readability, thus making it very eye-friendly. Winsonic marine display uses membrane key technology to give the monitor a low profile, for beautiful integration in any place. Winsonic marine display - TFT technology provides excellent brightness and contrast levels and direct dimming control (0-100%) from knob. The features contain with IP65 and chemical resistant front and anti-glare and impact resistant safety glass. High integrated electronics and best components ensure top quality.

• High quality displays; 10.4”~24”
• ECDIS/RADAR options
• IP65 sealed USB-port in front
• Options for Touch panel
• Universal mounting-brackets available
• Options for Touch panel / USB on front / VR Knob


ECDIS Calibration




Hardware accelerator optimize color response


The CMS board is an optimal performance and power efficiency accelerator board with advanced digital signal processing capabilities. The parallel programming has been optimizing for the ECDIS colour of complex algorithms with high throughput requirements.


Complies with the following IMO and IEC regulations:

• IMO MSC.232(82)
• IMO A.694(17)
• IEC 61174 Ed. 3
• IEC 61162-1 Ed.
• IEC 61162-2 Ed.
• IEC 62288
• IEC 60945

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