Rega RP6 turntable

Rega RP6 turntable

The RP6, another multi award winning turntable design, is available in eight stunning high gloss piano finishes. Incorporating many advanced features, the RP6 boasts some major advances in platter and motor control technology.

The RP6 features an innovative two piece platter design constructed from float glass, improving speed stability, accuracy and consistency. The inclusion of the RB303 tonearm and our custom TT-PSU offers advanced motor vibration reduction and the convenience of electronic speed change. The option to have the Exact moving magnet cartridge factory fitted is available (recommended). Delivering exceptional performance through clever design and engineering solutions the RP6 provides a welcome addition to any hi-fi system.

Rega RP6 Award Winner 2012Rega RP6 Hi-Fi Choice Awards Winner 2012


Cartridge - OPTION:

REGA Elys2 MM        REGA Exact MM      Ortofon VinylMaster    REGA Apheta MC

REGA Elys2 MM-cartridgeREGA Exact MM-cartridgeOrtofon VinylMaster silver MM-cartridgeREGA Apheta MC-cartridge


Ortofon 2M Black       Ortofon 2M Bronze     Ortofon 2M Blue

Ortofon 2M Black Tonabnemer - cartridge       Ortofon 2M Bronze Tonabnemer - cartridge          Ortofon 2M Blue Tonabnemer - cartridge
This turntable is also available with our DELTA DEVICE Upgrades
DELTA DEVICE Upgrade Platter and Puck

DELTA DEVICE Hifi Tuning Upgrade Platter (S24) for Rega RP6 turntableDELTA DEVICE Hifi Tuning Upgrade Platter (S24) for Rega RP6 turntableDELTA DEVICE Hifi Tuning Upgrade Platter (S24) for Rega RP6 turntable

Rega RP6 FinishesA turntable with HIGH-END features at an attractive price
with audiophile attributes.

Our tuning devices have been developed with over 20 years
of experience in processing and handling
of PLEXIGLAS® materials and turntable fabrication.

We only use the highest quality materials for
manufacturing our products.

You will get a Certificate of Authenticity for all DELTA DEVICE items.