MyEric - Set Offer Healing-Energy-Symphony-Music - The new Vision

MyEric - Set Offer Healing-Energy-Symphony-Music - The new Vision

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Set Offer with 2 Audio CDs Healing-Energy-Symphonie-Music with A5 Energy Card "Light and Love"

The set includes one piece each of the following music CDs by MyEric:

1x Die Heil-Sinfonie des Lichtes - (The Healing- Symphony of The Light)
1x Die Liebe des Herz-Bewusstseins - (The Love of Heart Consciousness)


with it:

1x A5 energy card "Light and Love" (only in German language)
The illustration / product image with the inscription "Die neue Vision", the lightstar, dolphins and the CD cover images is not part of the set. The energy cards shows another picture at the front side.

From the Publications - Clarification for the Healing-Energy-Symphonie-Music by MyEric:

This music is oriented vertically from the composition, the form, the design, the sounds and the vibration frequencies - according to the divine principle of creation of everything that is.
This makes the music unique in the world in hearing and perceiving for our soul and soul consciousness.
Vertical Music is the present and the future and the connection to the divine birthright here on earth.
The Healing-Energy-Symphonie-Music by MyEric deserves a unique feature. Currently nothing is approximately comparable to oppose.
The application of this Music-Vision sets does not replace the medical diagnosis and treatment.
Please take the detailed information on the products included in the set from the product descriptions of the respective single products in the categories of the Cristallina Shop.

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