Empty capsules, Size 2, 1000 pieces

Empty capsules, Size 2, 1000 pieces

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Our hard gelatine capsules have excellent technical properties and an attractive price.

Many years of use in practise provide evidence of our capsules´ high quality both in food supplements and the pharmaceutical industry.

The specification of Size 2:

Length Cap: 9 mm
Length Body: 15,3 mm
Capsule length close: 17,6 mm
External Diameter Cap: 6,38 mm

External Diameter Body: 6,07 mm

Wall thickness Cap: 0,11 mm

Wall thickness Body: 0,10 mm

Wight: 64 mg
Storage: Store at a cool (15-25°C), dry (40-65 rel. humidity) and dark place.

EAN: 7081447456813

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