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About the Artist and his Work

Traveling the outer and inner world for many years made Socrates into a unique artist.
Born in Belgium in 1960, the artist´s inner quest made him leave for the East at the age of 18.
During his travels through India he met different masters and healers, and was given his name Socrates by Osho.
Back in Belgium he completed his art studies at the St. Lukas Higher Institute for Art in Brussels in 1985.
He taught at the St. Lukas Academy, but soon he once again left for the East.
As well as living in India for many years, he also visited Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Tibet.

It was in these countries that the artist researched hidden meanings of colours and geometry, as well as deepening his understanding of the archetypes and symbolism. Meditation became the master key to unlock their secrets.

Socrates´ keen interest in different materials makes him experiment with many media.
Materials used include acrylics, pigments and traditional gold leaf applied on Belgian linen or wood.
Another of his favourites is the usage of Indian embroideries… these add to the richness of many of his works.
After years of experimenting, the artist keeps refining his unique and elaborate painting technique in order to fully capture the visions of the inner eye.

How to depict the different energies and their relational patterns, which we sense behind the apparent?
How to symbolize man´s discoveries on his spiritual quest?
A great deal of man´s art treasures has been dealing with these topics, which have fascinated mankind from the beginning.

It is Socrates´ challenge to express them in a fascinating and powerful new way.
He calls his paintings `Sacred Gates´. They are an invitation to join exploring the sacred dimensions of this endless mystery called Life…

Giclée Fine Art Print Reproductions

All reproductions of Socrates´ paintings are made one by one with the greatest care in the artist’s studio.
They are printed using the best equipment with the finest materials available.
Each Giclée Fine Art Print has been:
- printed with durable Ultachrome pigment inks on prime quality canvas
- mounted by hand on a wooden stretcher bar frame, with discrete tacking on the backside
- spray coated by hand with a museum quality Swiss made varnish for superior protection

The sides look aesthetic and framing is not recommended. A hanging device is already in place.
The reproductions can easily be cleaned with a soft damp cloth.

Lighting Tips

To fully enjoy your Giclée Fine Art Print, some dedicated lighting can be beneficial.
Small halogen or LED spots offer a good solution. In most European countries they come in either 12 volts or 230 volts (similar products for different voltage systems are on offer in other countries too). With LED lights be careful to choose a nice colour temperature to avoid a light which could otherwise be too cold and harsh.

Ideally the light comes from above (e.g. ceiling), but does not necessary have to come from the middle.
The light should not be too close to the canvas and a minimum distance of 50 cm should be kept.