Milarepa´s Cave

Milarepa´s Cave


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Fine art giclée print reproduction on canvas
-size: 60 x 80 cm.
-mounted on stretcher bars
-protected by a premium varnish
-ready to hang

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Milarepa is known as the greatest Tibetan Yogi.
Born around the year 1000, he at first was seduced onto the path of magic in order to avenge his abused family.
Later on he deeply regretted his erroneous deeds, whereupon he started looking for a master.
After a long search he met his true guru, Marpa.
After many hardships, Milarepa was sent for a retreat in the Himalayas, where he remained many years meditating in secluded caves.
His main nourishment consisted of the nettles he found around the cave.
A simple soup was prepared in his cooking pot, his only possession.
It is told that Milarepa's skin and hair gradually turned into a greenish shade.
As such Milarepa is always depicted in a greenish colour, accompanied by his cooking pot.

On the painting, this cooking pot can be found at the bottom of the outer square, which symbolises the body.
The cooking pot with the nettle soup provided his physical nourishment.
Inside the inner square we see the meditating Milarepa, surrounded by light.
On top of this inner cave we find a small Om sign, representing the spiritual food for his inner being. The further we go inside the cave the more light is radiating, Milarepa himself being the source.

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