Chakra Prayers

Chakra Prayers


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Fine art giclée print reproduction on canvas
-size: 90 x 40 cm.
-mounted on stretcher bars
-protected by a premium varnish
-ready to hang

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The Chakra Prayers:


may all beings

- be in tune with the earth and at home on our planet
- know they are invited to be part of existence

- find a secure and supportive abode

- feel in tune with their body and at home in their skin
- experience freedom of creative expression
 - enjoy a fruitful exchange with their surrounding

- feel at home and in tune with themselves
- find and walk their path with courage and enthusiasm
- live in respect for themselves and others

- discover their spirit and connection with the sacred

- love and accept themselves as well as others
- live in forgiveness and compassion, and delight in sharing

- discover their original face and that which is real

- live in attunement with their inner truth
- find creative expressions to voice their spirit, inspiring others

- discover their sageness and connection to wisdom
- find clarity and become freed from any illusion of separation
- live in attunement with the universal spirit

- discover their true nature and oneness with all there is
- be blessed by the light of grace
- find boundless freedom and all pervading peace

( The Chakra Prayers text: © 2013-2014 Socrates Geens


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