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Fine art giclée print reproduction on canvas
-size: 100 x 75 cm.
-mounted on stretcher bars
-protected by a premium varnish
-ready to hang

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Zazen is the name for a well known Zen sitting meditation.
This work evokes the atmosphere of the `time-space´ experience of Zen in a poetic way.
A meditating person is positioned in the middle point of the composition.
The mountain landscape, with its peaks and valleys, in all its detail, maybe visually depict this man´s life story...

The whole mountain range is mirrored in the water at the bottom part of the canvas, where night prevails, symbolizing the subconscious.
Also the man himself is mirrored there.
But no waves, not even a ripple, bring any distortion...
All has been seen and accepted.
A deep harmony and silence remains.

When the composition lines are observed, it can be seen how the sitting person is connected to the surrounding.
Even more, his shape is mirrored on a greater scale in the mountain, the sun, the moon...
He is the mountain, the sun, the moon...

This painting is dedicated to the tradition of Zen masters meditating in their mountain temples.


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