Empowerment on the Path of Transformation


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Fine art giclée print reproduction on canvas
-size: 100 x 120 cm.
-mounted on stretcher bars
-protected by a premium varnish
-ready to hang

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This painting is dedicated to Amoghasiddhi, one of the five Dhyani Buddhas.
The five wisdom Buddhas represent the five principal qualities of the Buddha, and each one of them is related to one of the five elements.
Amoghasiddhi, linked to the element air, embodies the commitment to fearlessly pursue transformation.

In Tibetan iconography his vehicle is the winged man, called Garuda, eagerly flying higher and higher.
On the painting Garuda is symbolised by the wings at the four sides of the canvas.
Amoghasiddhi’s symbol is the visvajra or double vajra.
The vajra or dorje is one of the most significant ritual utensils in Tibetan Buddhism.
This diamond scepter symbolizes the supreme insight, which in its indestructible power cuts through all suffering and illusion.
Its design contains all the principal elements of Tibetan cosmology.

In the painting, I decided to surround the visvajra by 9 x 12 rows of boddhisattva figures.
In the East the number 108 epitomises cosmic consciousness.
As such these figures are a witness to the power of Amoghasiddhi, and an invitation to all of us to courageously walk the path of transformation.

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