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HR 13, Homoeopathic Guide Radioactivity

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This book is part of a series of Homoeopathic guides which all look back to a long history and developed from questions which have been asked by participants of seminars, therapists and laypersons. Originally it was written after the nuclear catastrophe in Chernobyl and has been revised many times. In 2011 after the events in Fukushima this booklet gave hope and support to many, especially in Japan. A copy in Japanese had already been published and given out to people on the spot. This current edition is the first one in English and is revised and extended. We will find answers to our burning questions about radioactivity like: “How can we protect ourselves against radioactivity and decontaminate ourselves? At what point does radioactivity become a health hazard?” And we become aware of the immense importance of homoeopathy in the protection against and treatment of radioactive poisoning.

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