Homoepathic Guide - Sars and Pneumonia: Prevention and Treatment - ebook

Homoepathic Guide - Sars and Pneumonia: Prevention and Treatment - ebook

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Ravi and Carola Roy present this comprehensive but concise guide in order to provide the reader with all the information necessary to prevent and deal with SARS. The Roys have done extensive research in order to present as much information as possible about the inherent nature of the disease. They then describe the all-important process of homoeopathic prophylaxis or prevention of SARS. Homoeopathic protection focuses on enhancing the immune system generally and specifically. When the immune system is prepared in this way, it is able to respond adequately when there is contact with the disease-causing agent. The encroaching disease is immediately nipped in the bud because the prophylaxis has shown the immune system how to set up a round-the-clock watch against such a disease. If for some reason the immune system is not able to stop SARS completely, the prophylaxis will cause the disease to take a very mild form. Ravi and Carola also explain in detail how to effectively implement homoeopathic treatment in case SARS is contracted. The authors have years of experience treating all kinds of viral and bacterial respiratory diseases. They have adapted this extensive experience to the genus of this disease. Homoeopathic remedies cure SARS by enhancing the immune system of the patient in the specific way suitable for the individual under the given conditions. The SARS virus is then rendered harmless by this enhanced immune system. As an added bonus, the authors offer their deep insight into the diet which best supports recovery in respiratory diseases.

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