Homoeopathic Family Home-Care

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Ravi Roy and Carola Lage-Roy

This is the bestseller in Homoeopathy in Germany. For over fifteen years it has demonstrated its uniqueness in the field of homoeopathic medical self-help and sold over 100,000 copies. The clear depictions and the symptom indexes to the chapters make the recognition of the right remedy an easy and fast process. It deals with the most important day to day problems like first aid, angina pectoris, colds and flu, sciatica, toothache, earache, colics etc, mother and child, children's illnesses, to name a few.

A valuable book: for both homoeopathic physicians and lay-people.

Why does even an experienced homoeopath need such a book?
Most text book materiae medicae give you theoretical general guide lines. But the successful solving of day-to-day cases, especially acute ones, demands the guidance of practical experience. Every time you have to treat a case in your family or in another’s you have to solve a smaller or bigger puzzle. Simple cases do not need much thought by the experienced homoeopath but even a slight deviation from the normal can be tasking. Whereas for the beginner even the simpler cases can be felt to be difficult, as there is a certain unknown quantity in it. The smallest hint from those who have had similar experiences can be of great help and we are grateful for them. It is in these cases when even the experienced homeopath will be glad to fall back on the experience of a trusted fellow homoeopath.
This book gives you the essence of the great homoeopaths with the added experience of the authors.

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Auflage First English Edition 2003
Buchinformationen 344 Pages, Paperback

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